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. See also He made his name as a provocative provocateur. But artist Bill Viola has always been a painter, as his new exhibition at the MCA Chicago proves. Although he has a remarkable collection of pictures, the museum exhibition includes only two of his watercolors, which have been long in the making. THE ARTICLES IN THIS SECTION SERVE AS REVIEWS OF SELECTED COLLECTIONS. The two watercolors, In the Nature of Things and The Unfamiliar, show Viola at the peak of his powers as a painter. Despite their highly abstract forms, they're distinguished by their attention to light and color, their geometry, and the gestural and imaginative energy that threads through their compositions. But by seeking originality, even self-imposed restriction, Viola has given up the chance to explore some of the unique qualities of watercolor as medium. Viola has always been willing to compromise; his lifelong obsession with classical form began in his childhood, when he said he became fascinated with the Mona Lisa and the "lost eyes" of the Venus de Milo. But when he was an art student at Cornell, Viola's education included formal training in fresco painting. He had a penchant for self-criticism, and he blamed his continuing struggle to develop his own style on his experience with fresco, which had forced him to stop making the kind of imagery that interested him most. Now, he says, he hopes the paintings in the exhibition can help him rediscover the "joy and freedom" he felt as a frescoist. Yet the exhibition's title, "In the Nature of Things," might seem to indicate that Viola's present watercolors are a natural progression from his childhood influences. And in several ways, they certainly are. They're highly colored and richly detailed, and in their idealized landscapes the painter offers us a simple but precise vision of nature. The paintings also reflect Viola's habit of using the camera to capture the world before his eyes and combining it with his experience as a painter. In the case of In the Nature of Things, we see not only Viola's images of the scene but his own sketchbook in the background. And in The Unfamiliar, the viewer is not only shown what Viola was looking at when he painted the picture (an angular and abstract metalwork sculpture) but also what he was feeling and thinking at the time. In the Nature of




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Hamster Ball Gold Unlock All Levels - Hellonagol Keygen 2022

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